Meet the Chef

Martin Lovell is proprietor and head chef at Prime 74. As a classically trained chef, he has served his time in the kitchens of some of Ireland’s top restaurants, as well as a prominent French restaurant in the heart of Manhattan New York. Martin is passionate about working with the very best local and seasonal produce which he uses to deliver a classical food experience with a contemporary twist.

History of the Building

The beautiful two-story restaurant is located at the historic address of 74 Main Street, Tipperary Town. The building was originally home to the renowned American Hotel which was built in the late 1800’s by Tipperary natives John and Nani Burke. The couple spent a period of time living in America where John worked the mines and Nani was responsible for the miners upkeep.

Keen to return to Ireland one day, legend has it that the couple funded their return home by gathering flecks of gold dust which had been cast aside by miners. The gold dust added up over the years and eventually amounted to enough money to pay for their tickets home to Tipperary. John and Nani brought a little piece of America with them and built a western-style hotel on Main Street complete with saloon doors and “chuckers out” who were often called upon if patrons became unruly.

74 Main Street
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